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Printing photos at an event

The pleasure of instant photo printing


imprimantes photo mobiles pour impression sur événement

Graced with mobile photo printers, it is possible to print photos at the scene of the event, almost simultaneously with a picture being taken.

Allphotoevents attends your event with a photo printer connected to a PC to instantly print photos that are taken.







Technique et technologie de l'Impression photo sur évènement

Allphotoevents uses professional photo printers with thermal dye ( Hiti, DNP, Mitsubishi). These photo printers allow for the printing of photos with a resolution of 300 x 300 dpi in 10*15 or 15*23 format at a speed of up to 9 photos per minute.

Plus, Allphotoevents employs technicians to treat the images, allowing for the customising of images before printing enabling the application of  labels or brands.