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Photo reportage

Photographing the life of your business

A business photographer from Allphotoevents will capture a photo report of your company. Whether capturing highlights of your company or everyday life, business photographers from Allphotoevents will take photos that will support your marketing and communication needs. Plus, photographers from our studio can create photos “on demand” that are scripted to your specific needs.


Allphotoevents also creates reportage photos of your events

  • Business/ Corporate
  • Seminars
  • Conventions
  • Roadshows
  • Congress, Trade fairs
  • Evenings
  • Open air events


Photo reportage événementiel

Event photo reportage Client: Sustainable Habitat biennial

Reportage photos, ciel studio

Photo reportage, Client: Undertake network, Isére

Reportage photos  journées Portes Ouvertes

Photos for the Open door day at Eaton

Photographies et reportage sur événement

Photography and reportage at an event, Client: House of Nature, Nice

Photo reportage événements professionnels

Photos for an Eaton Convention

Reportage et animations photos événements sportifs

Reportage and photo shoot Client : FCG Rugby seminar

Photo reportage sur congrès

Photo report at a congress

Photos et reportage Salon professionnel

Photos and reportage at a Trade fair

Reportage photos événements sportifs

Photos for the Open day at Eaton

Photo Reportage corporate

Reportage photo rencontres professionnelles

Client : DTG technical subsidiary of EDF
Reportage February 2012 on a chemical measuring intervention at a nuclear power plant.

photo reportage événements professionnels et événements sportifs

Corporate reportage for CIDECOM

Reportage photo rencontres professionnelles

Report photos Client : CGPME, prize giving

Photo Reportage corporate

Photo reportage Client : An evening on the theme ‘the French Paradox’

Photo reportage événements professionnels

Client : Buffalo grill
Our photographer in action

Reportage photos, ciel studio

Client : CEA Leti
Reportage and private uploading of 180 photos taken during a framework convention for CEA LETI

Reportage photos, ciel studio

Client : Activision Blizzard
Reportage during a Christmas evening and printing afterwards. 280 photos delivered the following morning before 9am

Photo Reportage corporate

Client : IAE Grenoble University
Reportage of a promotion for Brazilian students