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Blue screen editing

Originality and surprise in the servicing of event photos where the use of a green screen is not appropriate.


Fond bleu cyclo

Like the event photo taken with the faking green screen, the technique of “editing photos taken on a blue screen” allows the fixing and cutting of a photographed image before transferring it onto a final screen. This technique requires a blue screen (in material for example) installed on a wall or attached to a frame as well as a technician to process the images.











fond bleu petite zone

Usable with a flash or natural light if sufficient, the blue screen offers the same results as the green screen photo call. It is however much more technical to use than its counterpart. the green screen. In effect the presence of blue tints in numerous items of clothing makes graphic work much more intricate.











resultat fond bleu

Allphotoevents has completely mastered blue screen event photography. Photographers from Allphotoevents attend your events with blue screen editing material
(blue screen, frame, PC+ technician) to capture images that respond to your communication needs or simply to your liking!